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Labor Menu

We are currently open by appointment only. Please call us at (203) 773-9288 if you would like to schedule an assessment for repair.

Below, you will find our labor menu. This will give you pricing on the basics, but we can perform any labor other than painting, welding, or servicing a gasoline-powered vehicle.

The process for getting labor that will allow us to give you an accurate estimate of cost and turn-around time is as follows:

Call us to schedule an appointment and bring your bike in. You may know exactly what’s going on with your bike, but we really want to see it in person before we make plans.

Hang out for 10-15 minutes while we assess your bike. You can tell us how it’s working and what you want from it. We can tell you what work it needs, how much that would cost, and when we’d get it back to you.

Reach an agreement with us on price and turnaround time. As long as we’re sending your bike out the door in safe working order, we are happy to scale back our recommended labor to reduce cost. We often judge that you’ll get better value by getting a bit more work done, and we sometimes recommend not putting more money into a bike that won’t give you good value on your investment. At the end of the day, though, it’s your bike. As long as it’s safe, we’ll do what you want and are willing to pay for.

Labor Appointments. You do need to make an appointment to have your bike assessed. Due to Covid-19, we are operating under some strict rules. Please wear a mask and maintain distance from staff and other customers. In the busy time of year (roughly May to October), we may not have time to do the work needed on your bike for a week or so. We try not to let wait times exceed a week, but a couple times a season it may happen. Once your bike is checked over and we write a work order, you are welcome to reserve a slot by paying for the labor portion of your ticket. Then, you can bring your bike in the evening before your work is scheduled and get it back within 24 hours.

  • Flat Fix $25 (for most bikes)
    We will install a new tube to get you back rolling right away. That $25 includes: tube, labor, and tax!*

  • Wheel True $29.99
    Is your wheel wobbly? Bring it on in and we’ll take care of that. We’ll remove the wheel from your bicycle, check for tension, give it a lateral and radial true, asses the dishing of the wheel, and reinstall it.

  • Basic Tune-Up $74.99
    We adjust cables, brakes, and bearings, as well as checking all bolts on your bike. An on-bike wheel true is included, tires are pumped up, and your chain is lubricated.

  • Full Tune-Up $99.99This is a more comprehensive set of adjustments to your bike. Cables, brakes, and bearings are adjusted, wheels are fully trued, tires are pumped up, and chain is lubricated. Parts installation does not incur additional labor costs, but parts themselves cost extra.

  • Complete Overhaul $249.99
  • Your bike will be completely disassembled, degreased, cleaned, and then re-packed with fresh grease and bearings. Once reassembled, your bike will get the Full Tune-Up. It’s a complete cleaning and rebuilding from the frame up!

*Electric bikes, 29ers, internally-geared hubs, BMX bikes, folding bikes, and others may require an additional charge.