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Bike Fittings

Bike fit is an important part of making sure that you and your bike fit together as comfortably as possible! A well-fit bike is not only more comfortable to ride, but will also give the rider more control over the handling and help you ride more powerfully.

The process starts at your feet, and the fitter take measurements of your body all the way to your head and neck! Those measurements will help the fitter determine your best possible fit.

Numbers don't always add up, so sometimes tweaking is required. Johnny's experienced eye will pick up on that as he watches you pedal and as he discusses your body's own little nuances.

Certified by Fit Kit School

Certified by Fit Kit School
Johnny B. brings a wealth of bike fitting knowledge to The Shop and every rider that he fits.From first hand experience to his degree from Fit Kit School Johnny is always educating himself and the people he works with on how to properly fit you,the rider, to make your riding experience more enjoyable.
A proper fit means less discomfort, more power to the drive train and longer rides.
Call up or come into The Shop and make an appointment to be fitted.
Shop Owner and Founder Matthew Feiner first learned to Fit Riders to their bikes while being coached by local coaching legend George Orr.
George along with his wife Iris, ran the club that Matthew raced for from
1980's into the 90's.
Matthew would pick up Fitting lessons each winter during the downtime that was the cycling season during that era.
Goerge Orr coached a lot of young riders that would need fitting as they grew, and Matthew was more then will to help out and learn from The Master.

Once Matthew opened his own Shop, he attend Fit Kit School for both the Basic Course and the Advanced Classes.

Frame Jig

Frame Jig
The Frame Jig, wow, what is that?
Dont yet have a bike? Thinking of ordering a custom frame?
Come in and lets do a Fitting and set The Jig to the measurement that we calculate and let you pre-ride your new frame before ordering it.
Its a great way to make sure your ordering the right frame at all the right angles and lengths