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Light and Motion

When we first started using a bike as transportation, we only grudgingly affixed a rear blinky light. A front blinky seemed unnecessary and kind of nerdy. Now, seeing an unlit bike riding around town is enough to produce a visceral unease. How could any sane person roll into traffic without the added safety of a pair of lights?

Early in our commitment to riding with lights, we got by with “blinky lights,” so called because to be effective they’ve got to be set to a blinking pattern. We’d think, “That block on the way home where the street lights are out? No problem! More caution, less speed, hope for the best…”

Now that we use a light that actually illuminates, we feel uncomfortable with anything less. We prefer to see the pot-holes and debris in the road. Riding through an intersection on a rainy night, we prefer not to wonder whether drivers see us. (It doesn’t hurt that our commuter light is bright enough to help out on evening riding adventures on the road or in the woods.)

Once you try a legitimately bright light, you may not be able to go back to “be-seen” style blinky lights. We’d say that’s a good thing.