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Used Bikes

At the Devil's Gear, we offer professionally refurbished bikes. They're a great value for the budget-minded rider.

All of our used bikes are high-quality and reliable. We only buy used bikes that we are willing to stand behind, and all used bikes are fully refurbished. Most bikes will have-brand new cables, and all wearing parts such as chains, cassettes, and tires are replaced. All bikes have been tuned to ensure they are running safely and smoothly.

Used bikes typically start around $250. While we cannot offer a warranty or our yearly service plan with our used bikes, all bicycles are fully refurbished and tuned. We do ship bikes for non-local customers; please call 203-773-9288 for details (no returns on shipped used bikes).

Below you will find pictures and prices of what we have on hand. We will note when used bikes listed below have been sold, but pricing and availability are subject to change without prior notice.